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A sales assistant work in a retail store to provide customer service, promote specific products, and help with other duties such as basic cleaning, and keep track on stocks. Sales assistants will regularly handle cash and credit cards as they assist customers with purchase. They are also responsible for maintaining an attractive store appearance.

Career Prospect

As employees in the retail sector contributes to 11% of the entire workforce in U.K., job opportunities as sales assistants are abundant. With a bachelor's degree, training and experience, a seasoned sales assistant may be promoted to the managerial level or go into retail merchandising. The salary for a full-time sales assistant is approximately 12,000 a year.


Most high school degree holders are qualified as sales assistants, unless they would like to be promoted to the managerial level. A successful sales assistant must be knowledgeable about all the products at the store, particularly those they are trying to promote to customers. Depending on the retail store they work at, some sales assistants may need to demonstrate how to use certain products physically. To achieve a high volume of sales, the assistants have to be able to build rapport with the customers they are serving. As a result, it is important for sales assistants to be well-groomed and presentable. Usually, the sales assistant who earns the highest commission is also the best listener in the store who is patient and understanding to customers. Sales assistants must be friendly and approachable; otherwise, they may not be able to reach the designated sales quota each month.

Points to Note

Most retail stores hire seasonal sales assistants during Christmas, New Year, and Easter to handle the sudden rush of customers. That would be a great time for people to start gaining sales experience. Most sales assistants are on their feet throughout the day, and may be asked to lift heavy items. Sales assistants may work in shifts and be paid hourly. Some assistants are paid solely through commissions. In other words, the monthly income for sales assistants can be quite unstable depending on each assistant's skills and the shift they work.


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